Monday, April 8, 2013

The Philadelphia Inquirer writes about Dr. Bird, mental health, and friendship

The Philadelphia Inquirer ran a great article by Kathy Boccella today. It focuses on what's truly important in terms of Dr. Bird's Advice for Sad Poets. Check it out!


Before the enormous success of Silver Linings Playbook, both the book and the film, there was a young-adult novel called MonkeyShark.
Don't expect a movie adaptation starring Bradley Cooper.
But the poignant backstory of MonkeyShark and its protagonists - a redemptive tango of overcoming mental illness and miscommunication, surrendering old dreams and realizing new ones - would be a familiar plot to anyone who saw last year's Hollywood blockbuster starring Academy Award-winner Jennifer Lawrence.
The book was a collaboration between Silver Linings' author, Matthew Quick, and his friend Evan Roskos. Just four years ago, they were two struggling South Jersey writers who met every Friday morning at a Collingswood coffee shop, working on their hoped-for bestseller.
MonkeyShark would not be it.

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